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About Us

Whats up! šŸ¤™Ā Thanks for pitching here.Ā 

TheĀ idea for FestieTent has been brewing for the last few years. FromĀ floating aroundĀ musicĀ festivals in Europe, NZ and here in Australia, we realised how hard it is trying to getĀ organised for them.

Because let's be real, how many people have a full camping kit ready to go?

From making sure your tickets, transport and outfitsĀ are good to go, sourcing camping gear from a ton of suppliers, paying a bunch of different shipping fees (ugh), THENĀ stumbling to and from the carpark with your camping gear -Ā we've all been thereĀ & it's not pretty.

Ā We thought 'there must be a better way'Ā šŸ’”Ā 

FestieTent provides the option to have a good quality festival camping kit, without the hassle. It has everything you need to have an epic camping setup, with all the essentials packed into one easy bag at an affordable price.

Ā We encourage you to pack your kit up and re-use it for the next festivalĀ ā™»ļø

Enjoy!Ā āš”ļø